Sunburn Music Festival


The beaches of Goa have always been synonymous with music, nightlife & parties, but when Sunburn music festival came to Goa in 2007, they were the first to get organised and commercialise electronic dance music in India.


Film Direction, Branded content, Live broadcast


Shot on one DV camera. However, a special lens adapter enabled mounting of a film camera and gave the video an advanced look.


The first Sunburn to be produced for a live stream on MTV, using a 5 Multi cam setup. The festival was streamed live for 3 days.


Sunburn expanded to more than one stage for the first time, also switched its live stream host to YouTube, Apart from a 6 multicam set-up for the live stream, we also used additional cameras to cover the rest of the festival, special equipment like Monopods, Steadicams, Macro lenses were used to take the video production to the next level


The Festival switched from Candolim Beach to the rocky terrain of Vagator Hills, with a larger area, the setup had to be increased to 16 cams.


It was the first year branded content came into being, therefore the video coverage had three aspects 1. Live stream, 2 Surround festival content, 3. Branded films for sponsor partners - RayBan, Tata Motors, Renault, Skybags.


Every year the video production requirement has scaled up with the festival getting bigger, from branded content, to multicam festival coverage to live edit for digital streams. At Sunburn we've done it all.

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